State nixes North Allegheny's request to practice run for Flexible Instruction Days - North Journal

State nixes North Allegheny’s request to practice run for Flexible Instruction Days

Monday, January 13, 2020 | 12:01 AM

North Allegheny has cancelled the planned dry run of a new state program that lets school districts replace snow days.

The Flexible Instruction Day program allows students to work at home when school is cancelled due to weather or other emergencies.

In a letter to parents, district officials said they planned to conduct a “practice” day Feb. 3 for its Flexible Instruction Day program, but was informed by the state Department of Education that its request was not approved.

School officials said the first flex day will be implemented after North Allegheny has used all four of the snow days built into its schedule.

District spokeswoman Emily Shaffer said the state did not approve the request to hold a practice session because “a scheduled Flexible Instruction Day did not meet the requirements under the legislation.”

The Department of Education approved NA’s request to use as many as five flex days during the 2019-20 school year.

Flexible Instruction Days are considered a regular school day and count toward the required number of days school must be in session during the year.

In the past, schools that cancelled classes had to schedule make-up days that could shorten spring break or extend the length of the school year.

When a flex day is scheduled, middle and high school students must log into the district’s website to get their lessons.

Elementary school students will receive a a list of possible activities to complete when a Flexible Instruction Day is scheduled.