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Real estate transactions in the North suburbs the week of Jan. 18

Saturday, January 18, 2020 | 12:01 AM

Bradford Woods

Roger Dhonau sold property at 233 Bradford Road to Frederick and Anita Shaheen for $390,000.

Aaron Smith sold property at 62 Seldom Seen Road to Marco Alcala Jr. and Nichole Alcala for $1,135,000.

Franklin Park

Richard Barton sold property at 2383 Bellwood Drive to Benjamin Richard Barton for $285,000.

Marco Antonio Alcala Jr. sold property at 2628 Glenchester Road to Mark and Jessica Ciufo for $499,900.

Franklin Fields 2 L.P. sold property at Stevensan Drive to NVR Inc. for $176,500.

NVR Inc. sold property at 176 Stevensan Drive to Jaden Jungho Jun and Deborah Jungrim Moon for $647,335.


RT Partners L.P. sold property at 644 Chilliwack Ln to Benjamin Marcus Homes LLC for $120,000.

NVR Inc. sold property at 2013 Hemlock Ln to Nicholas and Nicholas Novak for $326,950.

NVR Inc. sold property at 2015 Hemlock Ln to Saul M Rivera Garcia and Sagrario Alejandra o Gonzalez Uresti for $332,930.

Mike Chen sold property at 165 Warrendale Bayne Road to Vainshtein Nursing Corp. for $70,000.


Paul Krepp Jr. sold property at 9640 Krepp Ct to Justin and Anastasia Fries for $390,000.

John Baranowski sold property at 305 Lancers Way to Adam and Cara Keffer for $315,000.

Wendell Mohr Jr. sold property at 9250 Marymont Drive to Philip Hoover and Patricia Conley for $370,000.

131 Montclair L.P. sold property at 131 Montclair Ave. to RBG McCandless L.P. for $255,000.

Edna Ramser trustee sold property at Old Kummer Road to Jon David and Beth Anne Wagner for $240,000.

8518 Perry Assoc. LLC sold property at Perry Highway to RBG McCandless L.P. for $513,000.

Robert Prazer sold property at 8500 Perry Highway to RBG McCandless L.P. for $355,000.

Albert Wolf Jr. sold property at 8510 Perry Highway to RBG McCandless L.P. for $575,000.

RBG McCandless L.P. sold property at 8518 Perry Highway to Todd and Susan Rhule for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $88,030).

Damian Kush sold property at 1306 Ridgewood Drive to Christopher and Nicole Burke for $415,000.


Melkir Capital L.P. sold property at 3336 Babcock Blvd. to Hao Cui for $930,000.

Samantha K Fownes Heffner sold property at 501 Cherry Court to Lori McCarrell for $167,250.

NVR Inc. sold property at 154 Curtis Ct to Michael and Jennifer Heinl for $334,890.

Clinton Pohl sold property at 295 Elm Ct to Sasa Zdravkovic for $132,800.

William Howard Markley Jr. sold property at 216 Elrose Drive to Lynne Huber for $225,000.

Joseph Price sold property at 416 Fox Drive to Anthony Stanton and Marnie Weston for $219,750.

Balaji Cherukuri sold property at 117 Lily Ave. to Adam and Alisha Ravenstahl for $390,000.

A. Yvonne Simeone sold property at 112 Locust Ct to Frederick Carl and Renee Lynn Turpack for $145,500.

Vincent Merlina sold property at 955 Perry Highway to Merlina Enterprises LLC for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $210,888).

Josephine Plunkett sold property at 208 Plymouth Sq to James and Amy Peters for $100,000.

Keo Phouthavong sold property at 101 Red Oak Ct to Divyang Jivrajbhai and Hetalben Ganeshbhai Kankotiya for $210,000.

Wesley Levers sold property at 138 Rossmor Ct to Chad Kulik for $147,000.

Troy William Jeffers sold property at 131 Sunset Drive to Thomas Jack Moore for $299,000.

West View

Douglas Tait sold property at 350 Center Ave. to TMNL LLC for $129,900.

Horatio Petrocelly sold property at 227 Cornell Ave. to Greater Heights Solutions LLC for $135,000.

Donna L Graham Rocco sold property at 361 Highland Ave. to Benjamin and Katie Peterson for $185,000.

Margaret Ann Smith sold property at 114 Rochester Road to Erin Steiner for $128,000.

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