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Real estate transactions in the North suburbs for the week of Jan. 25

Saturday, January 25, 2020 | 12:01 AM

Bradford Woods

Ila Jeanne Sensenich sold property at 4944 Wexford Run Road to Shophouse Home LLC for $365,000.

Franklin Park

Max Fedor sold property at 1619 English Oak Ct to Giuseppe Intini and Joelle Carlo for $820,000.

Paul Byrnes sold property at 2653 Hunters Point Drive to Paul and Barbara DeRenzo for $195,000.

Franklin Fields 2 L.P. sold property at Kimberly Ct to NVR Inc. for $176,500.

Wayne Pirt sold property at 2501 Shadowbrook Drive to Thomas and Gina Risi for $381,200.

NVR Inc. sold property at 1742 Stevensan Drive to Aaron William and Penelope Starr Linger for $619,925.

Andrew Frampton sold property at 2688 Timberglen Drive to Daniel Carlton and Chelsea LaRue Smith for $407,500.

Wayne White sold property at 1561 W Ingomar Road to William and Jane White for $285,000.


Benjamin Marcus Homes LLC sold property at 633 Chilliwack Ln to Joel and Kathleen Ann Reed for $648,500.

RT Partners L.P. sold property at 2001-2009 Hemlock Ln to NVR Inc. for $350,000.

Enclave Drive L.P. sold property at 3011 Mahican Cir to Aniel Drew and Tina Marie Pope for $465,000.

Matthew Machiko sold property at 817 Whitney Drive to Joseph and Kathy Lambrini Giangiuli for $316,500.


Jo Ann Clark sold property at 305 Bellcrest Pl to Joshua and Julianna Kish for $223,000.

Charles Kahle II sold property at 7025 Bennington Woods Drive to Anthony and Amanda Lomupo for $428,000.

Thomas Susini sold property at 1411 Brilikim Drive to Alexander and Rebecca Thatcher Baer for $334,000.

Patricia Pohlman estate trustee sold property at 8247 Brittany Pl to Stephen Busick and Emily Keebler for $320,000.

Benigno Ulloa sold property at 650 Guenevere Drive to UC Realty LLC for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $198,708).

Kristen Miller Herrmann sold property at 512 Iroquois Ave. to Lifu Xia for $280,000.

Michael Bird sold property at 1900 Lake Marshall Drive to Weichert Workforce Mobility Inc. for $550,000.

Weichert Workforce Mobility Inc. sold property at 1900 Lake Marshall Drive to Steven and Adolfo D’Achille for $550,000.

Gerald James Bloxsom sold property at 9326 Northgate Drive to Matthew Anthony Adams and Rose Devine for $280,000.

Benjamin Burkholder sold property at 1707 St. James Pl to Mehrshid Kiazand for $173,500.

Robert Raver sold property at 411 Stag Horn Drive to Alex William and Rachel Hannah Rushlander for $387,000.


Thomas Reardon sold property at 438 Allenberry Drive to Lee A Kuhner Harrison for $175,000.

Estate of Judith Heinsberg trustee sold property at 382 Ambard Ave. to Tanner Rose for $179,000.

Felice Cutruzzula sold property at 114 Buehner Drive to Zane Reyes and Elissa Hernandez for $205,000.

Estate of Joseph Schreiber sold property at 103 Elm Road to Natalie Jackson for $220,000.

Patrick Hesidence sold property at 131 Mayer Drive to Alan Pickrell and Jessica Haffely for $166,000.

Daniel Wilson sold property at 113 Orchard Drive to Anthony Jackson and Lindsay Kulik for $281,000.

Deborah Peoples sold property at 110 Simon Ave. to Favorite Properties Inc. for $129,287.

Loretta Stetz sold property at 5 Wellington Woods Drive to Stephen and Susan McCauley for $350,000.

West View

Harry Griser sold property at 119 Frankfort Ave. to Jesse and April Mason for $91,549.

Estate of James Beatty sold property at 110 Georgetown Ave. to Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB trustee for $7,418.

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