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Real estate transactions in the North Suburbs for the week of Feb. 9

Sunday, February 9, 2020 | 12:01 AM

Bradford Woods

Gabriel Perez Feliu sold property at 709 Woodland Road to Erin Bigler for $285,000.

Franklin Park

Franklin Fields 2 L.P. sold property at Unknown Address to NVR Inc. for $160,900.

Franklin Fields 2 L.P. sold property at Unknown Address to NVR Inc. for $160,900.

William Jones Jr. sold property at 2549 Derby Ct to Michael Connolly Jr. and Heather Connolly for $470,000.

Estate of William Lippert sold property at 2217 Poor Richards Ln to Daniel and Bridgette Luttner for $400,000.

Jenay M Terrill Engelbert sold property at 2589 S. Hunters Point Ct to Meredith Olmstead for $235,000.


Mary Sargent sold property at 621 Edison Drive to Kaustubh Sinha and Shubhangi Lal for $275,000.

NVR Inc. sold property at 2011 Hemlock Ln to Manisha Kumar and Shreechand Narsinghani for $322,915.

NVR Inc. sold property at 2019 Hemlock Ln to Lillian Emlet for $360,860.

John Gatto sold property at 231 Huckleberry Ct to Debbie Merritt for $225,000.

NVR Inc. sold property at 3002 Mahican Cir to Jaikirat and Navreet Bajwa for $336,290.

NVR Inc. sold property at 3004 Mahican Cir to Shellie Oestreicher for $337,800.

Darren Frank sold property at 1432 Mystic Valley Drive to Copper Creek Management LLC for $720,000.

Brennan Group L.P. sold property at 500 Tuscarora Road to David and Ragini Derk for $445,465.

Kevin Maloney trustee sold property at 167 Warrendale Bayne Road to Vainshtein Nursing Corp. for $28,000.


Victoria DellaValle sold property at 401 Camelot Drive to Elaine Fredrick and Wendy Kness McMillion for $114,500.

Matthew Wickline sold property at 10519 Forest Hill Drive to Jeffery Alexander and Holly Pallerino for $259,900.

Marlene Woods sold property at 8743 Roosevelt Blvd. to Zachary and Megan Steinmetz for $185,500.


Estate of Donna Grace Snyder sold property at 601 Bellevue Ter to John Wanner for $137,500.

Fairhaven Homes LLC sold property at 110 Drexel Ln to John Zelinka for $208,000.

Glenn Waldschmidt sold property at 144 Easley Road to Ian Waldschmidt for $202,000.

Carleton Campbell Jr. sold property at 141 Enger Ave. to Home Buying Solutions Inc. for $85,000.

Ericka R Emery Kubit sold property at 1006 Grandview Ave. to Gail Mihlfried for $160,000.

Marcella Riegner sold property at 136 Hieber Road to Jonathan Boyd and Corrie Melissa Marr for $137,000.

Estate of James Henry Miller Jr. sold property at 14 Hiland Valley Drive to Todd Alan Umstott and Alexandra Mae Simpson for $130,000.

Daniel Luttner sold property at 1026 Homer Ave. to Joshua and Laura Spicer for $255,000.

Susan Diane McVicker sold property at 509 Hudderford Road to Noah and Kelsey Kingery for $289,900.

Jacinda Oberdick sold property at 141 Locust Ct to Brian and Dena Witter for $169,900.

Diane M Robertson Watterson sold property at 616 Maplewood Ct to James Jowers for $134,900.

Estate of Joan Fancher sold property at 150 McIntyre Road to Ich Hiep and Annie Chieu for $230,000.

Timothy Vandyke sold property at 17 Ocenas Ave. to John and Ariel Jasmin Mohn Wicker for $170,000.

Marlex Properties LLC sold property at 206 Schars Ln to Scot and Lindsay Bly for $247,500.

Terry Clark sold property at 105 Spruce Valley Drive to Zahra Winston for $202,000.

Carlyle Hoch III sold property at 1012 W Sutter Road to Daniel and Hannah Swenson for $307,000.

Wayne Loebig sold property at 819 Washington Drive to Hernan Andres and Catherine Elizabeth Roman for $285,000.

Christopher Schirripa sold property at 238 Woodbridge Drive to Edgar Paul Herrington III and Alice Barns Herrington for $133,500.

West View

Brian Bitner sold property at 155 Hidden Valley Drive to Nathan Robert and Allison Nichole Genard for $290,000.

Erin L Deeb McPeak sold property at 169 Lakewood Ave. to Timberland Property Assoc. LLC for $175,526.

Casa Vieja Group LLC & Boba Industries L sold property at 173 Princeton Ave. to Hillvale Properties LLC for $255,000.

Edward Gorrell sold property at 318 Stanford Ave. to Jennifer L Gaertner Chesney for $167,500.

G. James Schueler trustee sold property at 377 Stanford Ave. to Michael and Rachel Batykefer for $155,000.

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