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McCandless council fills leadership positions, committee chairs

Tuesday, January 14, 2020 | 12:01 AM

McCandless council has filled its leadership positions and assignments for committees that oversee key areas of the town’s operations.

Council voted 4-3 to reappoint Ward 1 Councilwoman Kim Zachary as its president, edging out Councilman Bill Kirk, who represents Ward 2.

Voting for Zachary, who won a second four-year term on council in November, were: Zachary, Ward 5 Councilwoman Angela Woods, Ward 6 Councilwoman Carolyn Schweiger and Ward 7 Councilwoman Patricia Cloonan.

Kirk cast a vote for himself and received support from Ward 3 Councilman Chuck Mazur and Ward 4 Councilwoman Joan Powers.

The vote came after Kirk called for a change in the process used in the past to select the council president and vice president.

Previously, council conducted a “one and done” vote, which meant that a vote was taken after the first person was nominated and if they received a majority of support, they won the position.

The change to which council agreed allowed members to nominate as many candidates as they wanted before the tally was taken, with the win going to whomever received the most votes.

Using the same formula, Schweiger defeated Powers for the post of vice president by a 4-3 vote, with the same council members who supported Zachary casting votes for Schweiger.

While members of council represent the ward in which they live and serve on various committees and boards, they all hold equal authority.

The council president is primarily responsible for presiding over council meetings and signing ordinances, resolutions and contracts. The vice president serves in the president’s absence.

While chairs are responsible for overseeing the various committees that handle town business, the groups are considered “committees of the whole,” which means all members of council have equal jurisdiction over the operation of all departments.

Following is a list of the committee, the chair and the vice chair:

• Public Safety Committee: Carolyn Schweiger, Joan Powers

• Services Committee: Bill Kirk, Carolyn Schweiger

• Public Works Committee: Angela Woods, Chuck Mazur

• Recreation Committee: Trish Cloonan, Joan Powers

• Zoning Committee: Kim Zachary, Bill Kirk,

• Finance Committee: Chuck Mazur, Trish Cloonan